Monday, April 20, 2009

Task Force Meeting #3

The 3rd meeting of the task force has concluded.
The AM session had three groups meet again (the same from the 2nd meeting) each examining one of three standards (Number, Geometry, and Algebra).
To date, Probability, Data, and Discrete Math nor the Process standards have been discussed.
The PM session had different groups meet by grade level to write lists of the big ideas in each grade level (sort of like the focal points).  
Another meeting has been scheduled for May 12th.  Objectives are:
(1) Focal point lists that we generated to be analyzed again
(2) CPIs to be reviewed again based on focal points lists
(3) Talk about next steps (still to be decided).  Maybe the Commissioner will address us.

I'm off to NCSM & NCTM for rest of the week.


  1. Here's hoping that NCTM provides some time to recharge the batteries. The logo is appropriate in oh so many ways!

  2. Hope that NCTM gives you a chance to recharge the batteries. The logo is perfect at so many levels