Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2nd Math Task Force Meeting

The 2nd NJDOE Math Task Force meeting has concluded. The morning was spent discussing common ground on calculators and alternative algorithms. After much discussion, a few sentences were agreed upon with respect to calculators. The agreement was:
Students should be able to calculate (+, - , x, ÷ ) without calculators
Students should develop proficiency with mental mathematics
Judicious use of calculators
Students should select appropriate tools

Alternative algorithm discussion continued without a clear common ground about the use of "the" standard algorithm.

In the PM, three groups were formed which each group editing and analyzing one standard (number, geometry, and algebra only). These groups will continue their work at the next (and final) meeting on April 20th.

What happens after April 20th is anyone's guess.
One DOE senior staffer even said and I quote: "We don't have a plan."
Another DOE senior staffer said: "A writing committee might been formed to write another set of standards."

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