Friday, November 13, 2009

Race to the Top

With the Race to the Top (federal education stimulus money) about to begin. It is interesting to see the huge contrast between Pennsylvania (who will compete for the funds) and New Jersey (who needs to read it). Quotes (Philadelphia Inquirer - Nov 13th) from each top education official are below.

Pennsylvania Education Secretary Gerald Zahorchak said he welcomed the competition.

The availability of Race to the Top funds presents a tremendous opportunity for all Pennsylvania's schools to build on our academic gains, and we are poised to compete vigorously for these funds," Zahorchak said in a statement. Zahorchak said Pennsylvania was on track to be "one of the first" states to apply for Race to the Top money, he said. The deadline for the first round of applications is in January.

In contrast, New Jersey Education Secretary Lucille Davy said her department had just received the 200-page application and wanted to review it before commenting.

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