Monday, October 5, 2009


Jo Boaler, Marie Curie Professor, University of Sussex (England), formerly of Stanford, writes in the Fall 2009 NCSM Newsletter.

Antireformists have worked actively, effectively, and in some cases unethically to oppose any changes to math teaching, but how wide is their influence? I now believe the groups have not only organized campaigns against change, they have also created a fiction around their own importance and they do not well represent the public. Those of us who work as educators and know about children’s learning of mathematics need to question how groups who oppose change have managed to have such influence, we also need to be outraged by what they have done and continue to do.

Dr. Boaler’s sentiments above are very true especially with respect to the current issues in NJ. We have a small group of antireformists that we should be outraged by. I encourage all to read Dr. Boaler’s work and her new book, What’s Math Got to Do with It? I even mailed a copy to the Commissioner to read. I have several copies in my office. If you want one at no cost, just send me an email.

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