Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NJDOE Math Task Force Update

Nearly two months after the last NJDOE math task force meeting, NJDOE has found the time to issue the following statement:

TO:     Members of the Math Standards Task Force
FROM:   Willa Spicer, Deputy Commissioner & Sandra M. Alberti, Director, Office of Math and Science Education
DATE:   July 10, 2009
RE:   Update on New Jersey Math Standards

It has been well over a month since the last time we all formally gathered as a task force.  Certainly, a lot has happened during that time.  Attached please find a document that captures the products of our discussions and work together as a task force as well as a brief update regarding the common core initiative. Our intention in bringing this group together was to address many of the issues being debated regarding the math standards. We are very pleased with the commitment of task force members to grapple with these issues as a group. We believe that this experience was valuable to our staff as well as to many of the participants.

In moving forward, we will first consider the documents that come from the common core initiative. We look forward to sharing the drafts with you as well as larger stakeholder groups throughout the state. Our collective work that is represented in this packet, as well as the resources that each of you brought to this work, will certainly help to inform this process. Please accept our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your dedication and commitment to mathematics education in New Jersey. We look forward to more opportunities to work together in the future as we continue our work.

Notice, in particular, the words "we will first consider the documents that come from the common core initiative".  I will share some insight about the common core initiative in the next post.  Full memo from the NJDOE.

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