Friday, March 20, 2009

NJDOE Math Task Force Formed

NJDOE has formed a math task force to review the two drafts of the NJ math standards.
The December draft written by the writing team and the February draft written by NJDOE personnel.
There will be three meetings over the next two months on March 25, April 14, and April 20th.
This blog will hold the members accountable for their rhetoric at the meetings.
The members of the task force can be found below.

1. Willa Spicer
2. Amy Flax
3. Carol deRuyter
4. Cindy Cittadino
5. Darren Mischel
6. Deb Ives
7. Eric Milou
8. Gwen Seneschal
9. Heather Henderson
10. Helen M. Roberts
11. Jane Hannon
12. Jay Doolan
13. John K. Bechtold
14. Kathleen Serafino
15. Kimberly Mueller
16. Lisa Solmose
17. Marian Palumbo
18. Patti Hulsen
19. Phil Daro
20. Robert A. O'Donnell
21. Roberta Schorr
22. Sandra Alberti
23. Shirley Cooper
24. Tim Giordano
25. Timothy Brennan
26. Tom Corcoran
27. Robert Riehs


  1. I look forward to following this conversation. Thank you very much for keeping the lines of communication open. It makes it easier to share with fellow educators.

  2. Sure thing Christy.
    You have an awesome blog BTW.
    Maybe your 5th graders want to join my math games contest, see

  3. Thanks for reading my blog, Dr. M. I haven't made much progress in the last few weeks, but I keep plugging along. Thank you for the invite to join the math games contest. Is there a deadline for entry? I'll speak with the fifth grade classes tomorrow! Looks like a lot of fun.

  4. What are the requirements to teach math in a middle school in NJ? i.e. How many math credits are necessary; and what kinds/levels of math classes are required? Can you get licensed for K-8 without majoring in math, and teach math?

  5. You need 15 credits in math, a 3 credit course in Adolescent Psych, and passage of the middle school math praxis to teach math in grades 6-8. You do not have to major in math to teach grades 6-8.

  6. is it possible to be certified to teach math without 15 credits? I hear that teachers with N-8 certificates need EITHER 15 credits or a passing middle school math praxis. Is that true? I though you needed both no matter what other certs you have. What is the difference between highly qualified and certified to teach something? I am so confused.

  7. Your question is complicated.
    (1) If you are currently an elementary school certified teacher, then to teach middle school math, you need to get highly qualified by passing the middle school math Praxis.
    (2) If you are not a current elementary school certified teacher, then you need 15 credits in math AND passing the Praxis AND 3 credits in adol. psych. to teach middle school math.
    Email me at if you have more questions.